Green Hub Bicycle Service Uganda

200 years ago, almost day for day, one of the ancestor of bicycle hit the roads for the first time. Somewhere in Bavaria, Mr. Drais has the ideas to put two wheels above a wooden platform. The velocipede was born! It created a deep mobility revolution that pushed the discovery of fascinating invention such as the pedal, the rolling bearings,brakes, spokes, round tubes… A great example of human cooperation possibilities.
In central and eastern Africa, the inhabitants are still constructing “Drais” type of bikes with local materials. They use their bikes to move big loads and ease their livelihoods.
In eastern Congo democratic republic it is called Chukudu and they are said to be ruling the roads as you can see a lot of drivers kneeling down on the deck and pushing the ground on the other foot. A great example of creativity and dedication to sustainable transportation.