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Last week the word “Boda-Boda” made its official entry to the oxford dictionnary! A big recognition for the hard working bicycle-taxi of eastern africa! what is a Boda-Boda ,where is the word coming from and when it has appeared ?

It seems it is originating from the country of Busia at the Kenyan-Ugandan border during the fuel shortage created by Amin’s policies. During the 80’s the local Samia people used bicycle wisely to transport needed goods from one side of the border to the other. The name became increasingly popular after this period. After some time the motorization took off and now people both in Kenya and Uganda are using this word to describe bicycle or motorbike taxis. The official Oxford definition is “a type of motorcycle or bicycle with a space for a passenger or for carrying goods, often used as a taxi”

In green hub we are very proud to help boda boda drivers in their everyday life  to develop and maintain the beauty of there engine.